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Field Report: TNVNET VISTA Leader

Here I am going into a second month as a VISTA Leader for Tulane’s National “leg” of the program, which has been newly renamed as Tulane National VISTA Network (TNVNET).  In the first couple of weeks all of the other local VISTAs, located throughout the city in New Orleans, endearingly asked me, “So, what do you do?”  Without much understanding myself of my surroundings, let alone what a VISTA LEADER truly was, I would jokingly answer this question with the same question, or better yet, I would explain, with a smile, “I am just getting used to the office and who I am working with right now, I am sure it will all become more clear as time goes on.”  Well, things have become a little clearer, and I have come to understand my role as an administrator for a project which oversees sub grantees in Minnesota and Virginia.  Speaking individually with VISTAs in these two areas has opened my eyes even more to the diversity of projects in which AmeriCorps VISTA engages people in.

Otherwise, life in the “Big Easy” has been exciting with free concerts and meeting new people…thank you Essence Festival for providing volunteers with free tickets…a group of us saw Kanye West live a few weekends ago!

-Sara Weber, VISTA Leader TNVNET, Tulane University Center for Public Service


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