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Field Report: Mondo Bizarro

Our summer here at Mondo Bizarro has been steaming up with a bunch of travel across the country with performances, workshops and video shoots. Now we’re gearing up for our fall season of work, some in relation to our current projects, and some other new ideas that are starting to brew.

 The Race Peace is a project of Mondo Bizarro and M.U.G.A.B.E.E. (Men Under Guidance Acting Before Early Extinction), under the mentorship of Junebug Productions and Roadside Theater, which blends multi-disciplinary performance techniques with interactive dialogue to incite conversations about race and racism. Race Peace explodes the myth that civic transformation only takes place at City Hall. We believe that true racial progress starts here—in small gatherings around the country. At each of our workshops, we use art-making as a tool for renewing conversations about race. Through performance techniques, personal stories and satire, we create a space for people to experiment, celebrate and explore common bonds; to debate their differences and pursue solutions to ongoing problems.

::DELTA VISTA’s Workshop::

Last month we had an amazing workshop with the Delta VISTAs in New Orleans. Maurice, from MUGABEE, drove in from Mississippi. Nick Slie, Bruce France, and I all worked with the group during the morning, and then passed it over to the Peoples Institute to do the afternoon portion of the work shop.

I-Witness Central City

::Event Celebration::

This is still going to happen, possibly during the fall.

I-Witness Gulf Coast 


We went out to Bayou Bienvenue in the lower 9th ward and spoke with John Tayler and Johl Calhoun about their thoughts of what’s happening with that body of water. We are currently viewing the footage and scheduling more interviews to take this a step further.

Cover art

Music Video

::Lawd Have Mercy::

Is a music video that we shot with MUGABEE in the swamp out in Pier Part earlier this year. It’s a song that talks about the Oil spill and the catastrophic event it was to nature and the ecosystem around the Gulf Coast. We are currently half way done with editing this video, and should have a clip of it to show real soon.

Street vendors at Rootsfest 2011

::Alternate Roots 35th Anniversary::

Nick and I drove to Baltimore, MD to show a snippet of the performance for the ROOTS FEST 2011 festival.  I was also there as a photographer taking shots of community building interaction amongst the people, during the entire weekend.

Melisa Cardona, Tulane AmeriCorps VISTA. For more information, please visit their website by clicking on this link Mondo Bizarro


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