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Field Report: Hollygrove Market & Farm

This is a really lovely time to be working in the market at Hollygrove. The summer bounty is in full swing and the produce bins have never looked so good. We have heirloom tomatoes and eggplants, tons of different kinds of squash, cantaloupes and watermelon. And what a great time month for all this variety! For the entire month of June, NOLA Locavore is challenging New Orleanians to eat local and the record breaking sales at the market show just how many people are involved!  New Orleans is still in it’s infancy as far as the eating local ideology goes but this is a giant step for the city (or at least the pretty clear cut demographics that participate). The Hollygrove neighborhood is also challenging it’s residents in a Biggest Loser type competition and offering resident’s 50% off their purchases. It was great to see people from the neighborhood coming out to do their shopping.

As encouraging as the hype is surrounding all this local eating and promoting healthy lifestyles, I think everyone here is a bit concerned about the upcoming months. The dead of summer does not make for a particularly successful growing season in southern Louisiana and I think many here at Hollygrove are concerned about being able to keep people excited about local foods. There are a few farmers out there who are able to produce things outside of there season. One of our farmers, Frank Fekete, has been dropping off mustard greens (which are a winter green) for the last two weeks! Hollygrove has also expanded to be able to provide a larger meat selection and I think many people stop by to solely get fresh chicken or grass fed beef.

It has been a great learning experience seeing the ebbs and flows of the market and how seasonality and consumer demand effects our profits. June has never tasted so delicious and I’ll be sad to see blueberry and eggplant season come to an end. But then again, fall will be right around the corner which means all those glorious citrus fruits!

Megan Nuismer, Tulane AmeriCorps VISTA @ Hollygrove Market and Farm


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