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Field Report: Gulf Restoration Network

For the 5th summer in a row, GRN is engaging the public through an outreach-focused canvass campaign. Canvassing is an important way to build our membership, but it means more than simply signing up concerned Gulf Coast residents. Every home and every conversation is an opportunity to have a dialogue about the health of the Gulf of Mexico, our region’s most precious natural resource.

GRN’s canvassers work hard for the Coast in the mid-summer heat because they are dedicated getting the public involved with GRN’s campaigns on a personal level. Members who interact with canvassers have the chance to exchange ideas and share their passion for the region’s waters and wetlands. A united, informed, and involved public is the Gulf’s best ally as we work to protect our coastline and rivers.

At the canvass offices, we are filled with energy and optimism because each day introduces us to more citizens who care deeply about the GRN’s campaigns. Walking every evening in Gulf Coast humidity requires determination, but the result is an extraordinary grassroots movement that fosters awareness and concern for the issues facing the Gulf region.

Each community introduces canvassers to remarkable people and experiences. I have canvassed politicians, tugboat operators, engineers, teachers, commercial fishermen, and retired folks, all of whom have expressed great interest in the work of the GRN. Each neighborhood has a unique way of interacting with canvassers, and we appreciate the support of the public.

When you answer the door to a GRN canvasser, be sure to ask how you can help protect the Coast- and feel free to offer your canvasser a glass of water.

– Leanne Sarco, AmeriCorps VISTA. For more information on volunteer opportunities, please visit the Gulf Restoration Network’s website.


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