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Field Report: Hollygrove Market & Farm

Hollygrove is getting geared up for its second fundraiser on Monday called Party in the Garden. There are going to be 16 restaurants present, live music and a silent auction and raffle. In my opinion the best part of the night is going to be the food! Hollygrove has made itself known as a supplier of quality, local produce and the restaurants in town are REALLY starting to notice. Every genre of eatery, from Martinique Bistro to Slice Pizzeria is excited about using local produce in their dishes and customers are really starting to demand it, which is a great step for New Orleans in the local food movement.

Although I’m not really that involved with the restaurant sales at Hollygrove, it’s pretty thrilling to see that in this city of fried catfish and red beans and rice (not complaining!) there’s room for local arugula, eggplants, carrots and squash. The menus on Monday are mostly vegetarian and some chefs are providing straight vegan dishes.

Everyone at Hollygrove has been really occupied with the event. Some of the staff have put their normal activities on hold just to work on the fundraiser. In the nonprofit world these events are super important. Not just for raising money but for raising awareness about the organization in general. Hopefully the attendees at Monday’s event will continue to patron Hollygrove over the next year which helps us more in the long run than a single ticket sale (which doesn’t hurt though either!).

Hopefully Party in the Garden is a success. A lot of time and resources have gone into the planning and execution. The grounds had to be cleaned up, farmers were asked to donate produce, restaurants were asked to cook it and everyone here at Hollygrove has had to put in their time to get the whole thing planned. I’m really looking forward to it all coming together. And to all the great food!

Megan Nuismer, Tulane AmeriCorps VISTA @ Hollygrove Market and Farm


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