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Field Report: VISTA Leader

Items I am looking forward to in the near future:

1. My mom and aunt coming to visit

2. My best friend coming to visit

3. Creative Forces League Games May 14th at Dillard *

4. Hairspray Auditions

5. Jazz Fest

6. Karaoke any night of the week

*Creative Forces is a theatre education group that I volunteer with. They use theatre as a tool to meet needs of youth in the community.

My best friend Beth!

Momma Lemon!



Things I’m not really looking forward to:

(1.) THE HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am already super sweaty and hot and people are telling me this isn’t anything.

(2.) The fact that my term is half way down.

(3.) Job hunting

(4.) Large life decisions /do I stay or do I leave.

– Cassie Lemon, AmeriCorps VISTA Leader, Tulane Center for Public Service


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