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Field Report: The Southern Food and Beverage Museum

Combating Poverty through Tasty Food

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum is preparing for the upcoming kids culinary camp this summer. Instead of holding the daily camp at the museum, we are going out into the community to teach kids healthy eating habits and recipes. This year we will be having the camp at the Sojouner Truth Community Center. In addition to working with the community center we are partnering with Share Our Strength. Share Our Strength devotes their time to making the issue of feeding children their priority. The camp is conveniently located near several neighborhoods, which allows children greater access to the activities. As always the kids culinary camp is free to all children 2nd- 5th grade. By having the camp in a residential area and be free of charge we are opening ourselves to a larger audience. Each day the kids will be making tasty dishes that are prepared by a public health intern. They will learn how to read recipes to prepare a healthy dish correctly. After the classes are done for the day we are going to have extra food to feed to neighborhood children who did not participate in the camp. This is a great way to show our connection and care to the community. We feel very fortunate to be able to host the camp at the community center and look forward to hopefully having the camp there in the future. I am currently reading over resumes sent to me by public health graduate students interested in being the intern for the job (Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine). We are also having interns from across the country come to help us out this summer. I feel that the children will truly benefit from attending the culinary camp and being able to share the healthy food information with their family.

– Meaghan Reid, Tulane AmeriCorps VISTA. For more information on history, exhibits, and volunteer opportunities, please visit the Southern Food and Beverage Museum’ s website.


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