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Field Report: Hollygrove Market & Farm

The New Orleans Fruit Tree Project is off to a great start! We had our first two harvests this week and were able to collect over 300 lbs of grapefruit and Louisiana Sweets from Central City and the French Quarter. Now, I can’t stop seeing fruit trees everywhere I go!

Second Harvest Food Bank came today to pick up the fruit and drop off some of those fancy gleaning bags we used at the orchard harvest in Belle Chasse. They feel a lot more official than the reusable Rouse’s bags we were dragging around this week. My Executive Director was also nice enough to buy my one of those fancy extension pole fruit pickers but I got a much better one than those razorblade and bag poles we were using. Mine is a lot more basic and a ton more efficient.

The Times-Picayune ran a short little story today in the Living section about The New Orleans Fruit Tree Project and I have a feeling we are about to be bombarded by harvest requests. Right now we have the next two weeks booked and about ten tree owners on deck. There are 22 volunteers signed up to help and a Harvest Training Session scheduled for March 2nd.

All in all things are going smoothly and I hope they stay that way.  I’m looking forward to getting an intern soon who can help me with some of the email correspondence and planning. I’m pretty grateful to Hollygrove right now for letting me really take ownership of this project and see it through.

Megan Nuismer, Tulane AmeriCorps VISTA @ Hollygrove Market and Farm



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