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Field Report: Evacuteer.Org

It seems the buzzword of the moment is “sustainability”. VISTAs are supposed to promote sustainability in their organizations by building capacity. Non-profits across the world are working to promote their own sustainability. And Evacuteer.org is seeking to establish sustainability by creating a culture of preparedness year round. To me, sustainability means creating a legacy for future generations. It means working towards a goal, which at times may seem unattainable, but fighting towards it anyway. Ultimately, sustainability means determination.

For evacuteer.org, sustainability is a constant struggle. People ask, why work towards preparing our city for hurricanes when it’s the middle of February? To that, I can only exclaim; how can we not!?

Of course during hurricane season, storms are on everyone’s minds. We follow hurricanes like hawks, counting down the alphabet as another one dissipates, wondering always when we might have to evacuate. But during the off-season, little thought is given to them besides the occasional news story.  That is what evacuteer.org is trying to change, and with that, further our sustainability. Our public art installation project is moving along and I am working to create a youth-based hurricane curriculum called EvacuKids. Who better to focus on when you want to make a meaningful, sustainable impact than kids?! An entire generation that will someday lead our city in a positive direction. EvacuKids is just in the beginning stages and I would love to hear from the other VISTAS. Ideas for what works, what doesn’t and what we absolutely have to include. Hopefully we can have the program up and running by the Fall semester (towards the end of my VISTA term) but my sustainability will carry on!

Emma Storm Herr, Tulane AmeriCorps VISTA, Evacuteer.Org. For more information on volunteer and donation opportunities, please visit Evacuteer.org


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