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Field Report: The Green Project

Another month has passed here at the Green Project and our new environmental education programming is in full swing. Our kids’ craft activity at the Downtown Development District’s Reindeer Romp Run was a great success.  In the spirit of reuse, kids and adults alike had the opportunity to choose between making ornaments out or old CDs or creating decorative stars out of old posters and paper.  Most of the children loved getting elbow deep in Green Project paint (much to their parents’ dismay) and turned out some beautiful ornaments.  The craft was well-received but next time we do an event like this I would like to emphasize the concepts of reuse and repurposing a bit more.

Reindeer Romp fun!

Much of December was spent planning, scheduling, and advertising the weekly “Green Projectivities” for January.  I never realized what a task it was to adequately promote an event! In addition to the e-newsletter that was sent out, I posted the workshops on several websites and fliered throughout the city, I have yet to hit all the spots that I want to though.  I would really like the first workshops under my charge to be well attended so I’ll keep chugging along.  In January you lovely folks can look forward to learning about rainwater catchment systems, diy solar hot water, chicken coop building, and different methods of composting.  During February, ready yourself for the spring growing season with four workshops dedicated to all things garden & yard related, more details to come next month!

Along with the workshop hullabaloo I have been researching children’s recycling/reuse activities and creating a program for an elementary school class that is coming to the Green Project in February.  Along with an informative tour I am trying to come up with a couple of engaging activities or games that we can play, there might even be a magic show involved.  I am very excited to develop a solid program to present to field trippers in the months to come.

Despite all of the computer-centric work I must do, I still get the chance to venture out into the warehouse where I can talk to customers or sweep to my heart’s desire!

-Kaylie Birdsall, Tulane VISTA & Environmental Education Coordinator @ The Green Project. For more information about volunteer and outreach activities, please click on this link The Green Project.


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