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Field Report: VISTA Leader

When I think of November I think of three things:

Deer Huntin                                         Family                                           Turkey

Family (cause my last name is Lemon…get it)







This month has been a little challenging for me because when I broke the news to my family that I wasn’t coming home for Thanksgiving the first response I got was:

“You are goin to miss huntin season?!”

This is true. I am not going home so I am missing hunting season, spending time with my family, and of course all the amazing food that comes with this great holiday.

I haven’t had much time to think this month about not going home because it has been pretty busy working with the new group of VISTAs that started at the beginning of the month. By saying hello to some meant that I had to say goodbye to others. Five VISTAs ended their term and we welcomed EIGHT new ones to add to the pot!

This holiday season will not be spent with a bunch of Lemons but instead with a new kind of family—VISTA family. Instead of my Grandma cooking the turkey, I will be making turkey breast. Instead of my aunts and mother bringing the side dishes, the VISTAs will contribute by bringing different entrees. It will be a time of sharing and feasting with one another and I am excited to partake in the activities!


Cassie Lemon, AmeriCorps VISTA Leader, Tulane University Center for Public Service

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One comment on “Field Report: VISTA Leader

  1. Captain Fun!
    November 24, 2010

    YAY! Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to hunt nutria and alligators.

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