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Field Report: VISTA Leader

I want to start off by saying THANK YOU!

You guys have been so great about accepting and letting me join the VISTA family here at Tulane. I can say I definitely was a little nervous about coming into an existing group, but you guys have been great. I am glad that I got the opportunity to meet with each of you individually. You have made this transition a lot easier because of your openness and acceptance.

Speaking of transitioning…

There are definite differences between West Virginia and New Orleans. For instance, this is what I am used to seeing:


 Compared to the New scenery:


Not only have I had to make changes dealing with my environment but I’ve also had to step up my game when it came to my attire:


My last major adjustment is the noise! It is huge change going from mostly listening to these at night:


 the cricket.
To listening to several of these:


 the ambulance.

You guys are great! Thanks again for your help. For some of you it is the end of your service. Good luck with your future endeavors. I wish you all the best! For those who are left…I guess you are stuck with me till you are done! -Cassie Lemon, VISTA Leader, Tulane University Center for Public Service


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