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Field Report: Mondo Bizarro

After a long and healthy summer tour, Mondo Bizarro has been busy planning for the Loup Garou Spring Tour.

Several places in southern Louisiana are on the cooking pot, as well as some other locations around the west coast.

We are also planning an event for the I-Witness Central City project to sunset it for a while, so that we can have more time and energy to dedicate to the current projects that we have touring.

We’re planning on having an event this winter in New Orleans, where we will show some of the latest stories we edited, and share with the community what we’ve learned from creating a project like this. We will also have food and some other forms of entertainment around.

Finally, the Race Peace is scheduled for the first week of February to have its residency here in New Orleans. That should be teamed up with a couple of workshops, and a small performance that may include some of the community’s participation.

The location is now confirmed, Ashe Cultural Arts Center in Central City. 

-Melisa Cardona, AmeriCorps VISTA

1600 Canal Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70124
(770) 596-9166


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