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Field Report: Green Light New Orleans

Things slowed down considerably in the month of July…that or there were just a lot of changes that altered the feel of the office and work load. The month was dedicated to wrapping up projects, having them handed to others, and the moving on of the great people that have made up Green Light since my term began.

Andi, our executive director, is still with the organization, but he left mid-month for a month-long vacation in Europe (a return to his native Switzerland).

The very beginning of the month brought the end of Tricia’s (one of the AmeriCorps*Delta Service Corps members) work with Green Light. She finished her hour requirement at Green Light and decided to finish up the remaining days of her term working at the Edible School Yard at Samuel Green Charter School. This was not only something that made her much happier with her AmeriCorps experience, but also brought a wave of calm over the Green Light office. Tension had begun to mount with her dissatisfaction with her role, and her moving on certainly removed that. It was difficult to get through the day without her laughter and insistence on taking coffee breaks to make it through the day, but I think the ultimate results were for the best.

The last Friday of July also meant the end of Jess’s (the other Delta Service Corps member) term. This was especially difficult for me. I don’t think I’ve every met a more genuinely good person in my life; her presence always reminds me to strive to be a better person. She did so many great things for Green Light, and she will be greatly missed. Her biggest project while at Green Light was to create and implement the organization’s youth Environmental Education program. Her passion for working with children and making thinking about environmental impact a part of every day activities brought about a great new program for Green Light and resulted in her new position as a staff member at the Edible School Yard at Green Charter School. The day after she finished her, she was hard at work at her new job. Green Charter School is definitely lucky to have her.

That left just Bernie and me in the office. Our funding for light bulbs is running low, so we put a hold on all volunteers after the mid-point of the month. Our new-found time and space allowed Bernie and me to form the Dream Team of  Green Light operations! We mapped out everything on our plates and made a plan for getting everything done in the most efficient and effective matter possible, while knocking the socks off of everything and everyone in our path. We have already accomplished a lot, and I’m sure the coming month will bring much greatness! -Lindsey Roper, AmeriCorps VISTA

To learn more about Green Light New Orleans, visit their website at: http://greenlightneworleans.org.

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