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July Field Report

I can’t believe that it’s time for the July Field Report!  This month flew by so quickly! Because of our SERVE Summer Camp and our oil spill volunteer orientations, everything has really been a blur.

We finished up SERVE this month, and even though it was exciting to get out of the office and do some hands-on volunteer supervision, it is actually nice to be back in one place!  For SERVE, we had to check volunteers in at the site, go back to the office for a few hours, and then go back to the site.  So, there was really a lot of running around, and it was hard to find the time to respond to emails and get the office work under control. Thus, it is nice to be staying in one location a little bit more; I don’t feel like my brain is on overload!
Once SERVE ended, I was actually able to take a vacation to New Jersey to visit my family!  I spent most of the vacation sitting out on my Mom’s deck and lounging in her hammock. However, I also spent a lot of time with my cousins who were kind enough to give me and my husband a bona fide Jersey Shore makeover.  John was given the classic Jersey Shore hairstyle called a blowout, and I was given a Jersey/Snookie poof along with some pretty interesting makeup.  I’ve included a picture, in case you are unfamiliar with this terminology.  Being from New Jersey myself, I’m not sure that I should reinforce these stereotypes, but I cannot pretend that I have not seen people that sport these styles in real life.  I also had the chance to visit Baltimore and Princeton, and I made sure to visit a rest stop in Delaware so that my husband could check that state off his list.  All in all, it was an awesome and very refreshing trip; thank goodness for those 10 personal AmeriCorps days!  


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