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Field Report: CPS – Social Media

Since I started my position as a Social Media Liaison with Tulane University’s Center for Public Service AmeriCorps VISTA program, I have been following (via Social Networking) many leaders and innovators in the industry. Now, about eight months in, I believe I have gotten a sense of the tone and style of many of these individuals. One of my favorite Social Media Strategists (that I would recommend following closely) is John Haydon. He runs a social media marketing and consulting firm for non-profits and develops extremely helpful newsletters, posts, videos, tutorials, and publications on the topic.

One of the re-occurring questions I receive from individuals I work with is, “How do I get a stronger following on my organization’s Facebook page?” I usually give them a few basic tips, which are pretty simple to implement and have proven to be successful. However, recently I came across a related article posted by the very helpful, John Haydon on that exact question. So for this month’s Field Report, I thought I would share his insights on the topic.

11 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page outside Facebook
By: John Haydon

  1. Email Your Fans – I have a client who got over 3,000 fans in one week simply by sending an email to their rather huge email list. Do this. It’s very easy, and you might be surprised how many new Facebook Page connections you receive. When you write this email, be very clear about what people can find on your Page that they won’t find elsewhere. Give them a compelling reason to “like” your Page.
  2. Email Templates – Most times, people need to see a call to action multiple times before they like your Page. Design your email template with a link to your Facebook Page in the sidebar. This way it’s included in every email.
  3. Blog About Your Facebook Page – Write a post that elaborates on a comment someone wrote on your wall. Include a link to your Page.
  4. Use It For A Webinar – If your org does webinars on a regular basis, make Facebook Page wall the place where follow up questions are answered.
  5. Tweet About It – Sounds simple enough, right? Just make sure you give folks a reason to click through to your Page. For example, if there’s a great stream of comments on a post, then tweet about it. Use Twitter as an extension to pull in more people into an existing conversation on your Page. Don’t just say “like our Page!” It adds no value.
  6. Post Donation – When people donate to your organization, your org is foremost in their mind, which means that that’s the perfect moment for them to “like” your Page. If you’re conducting a campaign (either fundraising or collecting signatures for a petition), make sure that there’s an opportunity for folks to “like” your Page after they donated or signed the petition.
  7. Print It – The best way to promote your Facebook Page in print (annual appeals, newsletters) is with a custom URL. These are much shorter than the default Facebook Page URL, which no one would ever take the time to copy from a printed page. If you haven’t created one yet watch this video.
  8. Put It In Your Footer – If you’re like me, when you want to learn more about an organization, you’ll scroll to the bottom of their website, where you’ll typically find “about” “contact” and “jobs”. Putting a Facebook logo in the footer of your website is another way to increase your Page fanbase.
  9. Incentivize Your Page – If you have something to offer that has real value, like Danny Brown’s new book “7 Ways to Market Your Business on Facebook”, offer it as a free download in exchange for liking your Page. You can blog about your offering, but make sure it’s only available on Facebook. Curious how to do this? Watch this video.
  10. Make A YouTube Video – Will It Blend has an excellent video where  they blend Facebook. It’s a genius promotion of their Facebook Page. And if you are in the YouTube nonprofit program, you can annotate your video with a link to your Facebook Page.
  11. LikeBox – A LikeBox is an interactive way to promote your Page on your website. It allows you to display how many users already like your page, and which of their friends like it too. Visitors also see recent posts from the page and can Like the page with one click. All without needing to visit the page.

There you go, 11 simple (but, effective) ways to build your social network. What is your organization doing to build their Facebook network? Please share your ideas, thoughts, successes, and feedback by leaving a comment. –Dominica Garza, AmeriCorps VISTA  

To learn more about the Tulane AmeriCorps Social Media Initiative, contact Dominica at: mediavista@tulane.edu.

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