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Field Report: Gulf Restoration Network

The summer outreach and fundraising canvass at GRN has hit its stride in the past few weeks.  The majority of canvassers are out of their training periods and fully-equipped to be independent forces for the Gulf, thanks to the great training program developed by GRN staff.  My duties in support of the office have included running orientation sessions for new hires, conducting information sessions for applicants, interviewing job applicants, training canvassers to take on larger roles in the canvass office, and maintaining materials stocks and general cleanliness in order to keep the office running well.

The transformation undergone by canvassers from first day to completion of training shows how dramatic the impact of a well-run, well-prepared training program can be.  This is not to say that canvassers came into the office without the ability to successfully advocate for GRN and the Gulf; rather, even though canvassers came into the office with a wide range of previous experience and natural ability, the training program significantly improved everyone’s abilities.

VISTA training at Tulane’s CPS in the past month provided opportunities for service work and to gain event planning skills as well as to keep up on the exciting work of other VISTA’s sponsored by the Center for Public Service.  Several colleagues finished their service years, and I wish them the best of luck.  Looking forward to the next month and to the beginning of the college semesters, which will bring interns and service-learners back into my work here at GRN. -Nick Poggioli, AmeriCorps VISTA

To learn more about the Gulf Restoration Network, visit their website at: http://www.healthygulf.org/


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