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Field Report: Mondo Bizarro

This month’s been a bit of a whirlwind for us here at Mondo.

With the Loup Garou ready for its summer tour, and a couple of fundraising event for the tour and GRN, we’ve been keeping busy and trying to keep up the high hopes.

Our last fund raiser on Sunday was called 1000 Gator Pops! and it raised us over $1,000, plus 8 GRN supporters.

Its a time where we’ve just shut off the thinking too much caps and kept moving our work forward, because its what needs to move during these crucial times in Louisiana – now more than ever.

The Loup Garou is scheduled to tour from Seribia in June, all the way up to NY in July, and a couple of other places on the south east. Our project back in the fall was directly addressing the oil issues in our land, so its imperative that we keep strong and moving this important message right this second…because in this same second, the oil’s still gushing at deadly rates on our gulf. -Melisa Cardona, AmeriCorps VISTA

To learn more about Melisa’s work at Mondo Bizarro, visit their website.



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