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Field Report: 7th Ward Neigborhood Center

Working at a Neighborhood Center, I am constantly thinking about and talking about neighborhood engagement and resident leadership, but lately I rarely think about these things in my own life.  Living in a dormitory in the Central Business District of New Orleans doesn’t lend much to community building. 

One of my close friends from home is moving to New Orleans in the summer and we have decided to live together.  Yay!  This is an excellent opportunity for me to get back into community work…in my own community.  But now the question is, where to live?  We have some general criteria based on the lifestyle we are interested in living: yard space for gardening and chickens (maybe even a goat!), and of course, something VISTA-allowance-friendly.  That doesn’t really help to narrow the search though.  There are so many neighborhoods in this city with their own feel and culture, it’s exciting and at times, a little overwhelming. Anyway, the search is on and my main goal at the moment is to find a community to be a part of where I can learn from the traditions and experiences of others and can contribute some of my own, so that the community-building work in my life begins to extend beyond the offices of the 7th Ward Neighborhood Center. -Laura Mellem, AmeriCorps VISTA

To learn more about Laura’s work with the 7th Ward Neigborhood Center, visit their website at: http://7thwardneighborhoodcenter.wordpress.com/.


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2 comments on “Field Report: 7th Ward Neigborhood Center

  1. Dominica Garza
    May 27, 2010

    How exciting! It is true, this city has so much culturual richness which is witnessed throughout the different neigborhoods of New Orleans.

    PS. If you are interested in having chickens at your new place you may want to check out the Urban Chicken Workshop on Sat. June 12 from 2-4pm at the Broad Street Flea Market. Check it out on our calendar: http://tulane.edu/cps/programs/vista-calendar.cfm. Best of all, its only $5 – very VISTA friendly!

    • Laura Mellem
      May 27, 2010

      Thanks for the chicken tip Dominica!

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