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Alliance for Affordable Energy – Energy Star

Energy Star – Matthew Sweeney
May 4 – Farewell ode of thanks to our Volunteer and Outreach Architect
By Lizzy Shephard

Farewell to one of our finest, whom we wish for the best,
Who led with balance, of hard work and rest.
He was the door to our organization, a warm welcome and embrace,
Exciting students, teachers, and citizens, who met his kind face.
For us as staff, he planted new seeds,
To support our volunteers, as they met organizational needs.

With scopes of work, sign-in sheets, and log books,
We could count every hour and reflect on what it took,

To work towards our mission,With those who give their time,
Transforming our staff of ten to 99.

In the beginning he jumped into our work bursting at the seams
And organized and lead two NCCC teams.

They made a new supply closet, a classroom, and cabinets,
We made an annual plan with strong goal targets.

In fall, three service learning classes came through the door,
Bringing in more volunteers than ever before.

Activists, organizers, and communicators were trained,
And solutions were made when any challenge came.

All calls were answered by connected resources,
Radiant Barrier was installed through all possible sources.

The volunteers kept coming as Matt led the way,
And staff kept laughing, with jokes of the day.

Just when we thought, “Nothing more could be free!”
In-kind donations were practically growing on trees!

We can’t thank you enough for the positive spirit you bring,
We know wherever you go, your community will sing.

Continue to grow with what you have learned,
We will always be here for you to be affirmed.

As you move adventure forward, if doubt and fear resist,
Always remember the Alliance—solutions exist!

Matt Sweeney was our volunteer and outreach coordinator for the Alliance. He did a phenomenal job and was a tremendous asset to our organization. Over the past year, Matt brought in 83 volunteers, including 3 NCCC teams, who spent 7,086 hours with us worth $143,491.50 for our organization. Thank you, Matt! 

Gathered from the Alliance for Afforable Energy website.
To learn more about the Alliance and their work in the New Orleans community visit their website at: http://all4energy.org/


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