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Field Report: Mondo Bizarro

We’ve been pretty busy here at Mondo Bizarro.
We just finished interviewing 5 more poeple for the I-Witness Central City Project and used 8 service learning students from Tulane.
We are currently all in Los Angeles teaching a Two day workshop and showing a work in progress of the Race Peace – our multidiciplinary performance and dialogue about race and racism.
From here I head to San Jose, CA. to attend the 20th annual meeting of NALAC, the same organization that recently took me to the White House with the Advocacy institute.
We’re also gearing up for the Loup Garou’s touring dates in the spring…
busy busy busy….– Melisa Cardona, AmeriCorps VISTA

For more information about Mondo Bizarro, check out their page at: http://www.mondobizarro.org/blog/


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