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Field Report: Green Light New Orleans

Another month has flown by and somehow it seems that not too much new has occurred in my daily work life. I am still dealing with the craziness of twenty-some-odd service learning projects. I’m getting a little nervous for these kids…there are only about three weeks left in their semester and only three of the projects have been completed thus far! I’m trying to crack the whip, but I have a feeling that I will end up more stressed out about the service learning projects this month than the actual students doing the projects. Only time will tell…

The other activity consuming most of my work time these days is grant proposal writing. Grant writing…all the time…!!! Who would have thought that the Baton Rogue grant writing seminar would have paid off for me, or anyone for that matter! I have been pumping out grant after grant, and though they aren’t major federal grants or anything, I still find myself surprised that I learned something while in that seminar room I called a bedroom for several days!

I wish I had more exciting news to relay, but this past month really has been a turbo blur of trying to work with service learners and birthing of grant proposal babies. We did have some success with the few service learning projects that have been completed. One student held a block party as a fundraiser, but he, unfortunately, forgot to mention which day it would be and didn’t even invite the Green Light staff! We also had a student do a St. Patrick’s Day-Green Light fundraiser that came off pretty well. Other than that, I have a couple more grants to do between now and the next time I report and I will hopefully have some good things to report about our Earth Week and the “Greening Your Organization” workshop which Green Light will be a part of later this month. -Lindsey Roper, AmeriCorps VISTA

To learn more about Lindsey’s work with Green Light New Orleans, visit their website at: http://greenlightneworleans.org


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  1. Jackie
    April 14, 2010

    Lindsey, It’s so exciting to hear that you’ve been able to put your grant writing skills to good use! After that training, I definitely didn’t feel prepared to go off and write a grant, but it’s comforting to know that you’ve been able to figure it out! Have you had any success?

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