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Field Report: 7th Ward Neighborhood Center

Community Yoga!
Sarah and I started up a community yoga class at the Center three weeks ago.  The class happens Tuesdays at 7:00 and is free of charge.  It’s taught by a resident of the 7th Ward who trained as a yoga teacher with Swan River.  So far the class has been a big hit with 6 residents the first night, 8 the second, and a whopping 13 last night!  We’ve had a lot of kids interested as well and are in the process of setting up a separate yoga class for youth.  This is really exciting for me for a few reasons: 1) it’s the first program that I have planned and implemented here at the 7th Ward Center that has been so successful right off the bat; 2) Yoga is one of my passions and I am excited to share it with others; 3) This particular yoga class is really changing the way that I understand yoga and is challenging me to address some assumptions I’ve made about the community and the practice of yoga.

Yoga is not just for rich white folks, right?  Yes.  I knew this class would bring this point out.  But what I’m really excited to learn is that yoga doesn’t have to be so serious and yuppy.  We can listen to Missy Elliot’s “Work it” and shake our booties in downward facing dog.  Come one, come all!  7th Ward Community Yoga every Tuesday at 7:00. -Laura Mellem, AmeriCorps VISTA Member


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