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Field Report: The Green Project

I had been warned far, far in advance that once Mardi Gras season arrives (because it is its own season), the city grinds to a halt. And I have learned that it is not just traffic that people were referring to. I tend to set up my own deadlines and my own benchmarks that don’t take into account occasional holidays.

However, when a holiday lasts nearly a month… I am surprised I haven’t pulled all of my hair out trying to keep the pace that I set for myself. Productivity decreases, emails aren’t returned, attention spans are short when it comes to work, long with it involves either a krewe or the Saints. However, next year I vow to approach the month of February quite differently. Instead of trying to keep pace with my own work-metronome, I’ll try to match my stride with the city’s.

To learn more about The Green Project, visit their site at: http://thegreenproject.org


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