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Field Report: New Orleans Food & Farm Network

“This has been exciting time to be living in New Orleans, and witnessing the New Orleans Saints shed their long reigning title as the Aints.  It’s been hard to get work done with everything going on in the city regarding the Saints and Mardi Gras. Now that the festivities are coming to an end, it’s time to get back to work.  New Orleans Food and Farm Network is currently distributing their urban gardeners’ directory called, The Growing Back to Our Roots Directory.The directory will be a profile of the many people who are currently growing throughout greater New Orleans, and it will also list the farmers markets where producers can sell their yields.  The directory is an exciting opportunity to see how many growers there are in the area, and also see what types of methods and practices are being used to grow in an urban environment.

Also, as the weather begins to warm up so does the maintenance of the gardens.  In March, a number of college students from out of town are going to be volunteering with NOFFN throughout the city where they will be working in different urban farms. They will be helping to get the gardens ready for planting and doing the necessary renovations for spring.” -Brendan Connery, AmeriCorps VISTA Member

To learn more about the New Orleans Food & Farm Network, visit their site at: http://noffn.org/


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