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Field Report: Hispanic Apostolate

“It’s a Monday morning, and the office is a loud, busy place. The immigration lawyers and health and social services providers are meeting with clients. We moved offices, just around the hallway and are now just a few doors from the lobby. Right now a man talking loudly on his phone in Haitian Creole, and on any given day a toddler will come peaking in my door, as their parents meet speak with someone in the office. Our new office has us in the middle of all the goings-on of Catholic Charities second floor.

To be honest, not a lot has been happening with HACS ESL during the past two weeks, due to the Saints hysteria and Mardi Gras. And then I was sick, and a few days back the lights went out and we had to go home early. For awhile it seemed as though there was always something preventing me from spending a full 8 hours in the office, and today will be no different. I will head to one of our sites uptown this evening to speak with ESL students and volunteers. And I am kind of glad, because I am happy to postpone adjusting back to a 9 to 5.

This semester things have been running quite smoothly, and that leaves room for time to think about what else we can do to improve the program. I am currently working on starting a tutoring program in Metairie, but am struggling to find the volunteers to go out this far in New Orleans. Where are all the native Metairie volunteers? This is the trick I haven’t yet to solve. Other than that, everything seems to be in its place. All the volunteers seem content. The ESL students seem to be content as well, and are full of many questions, and propositions like going to the Zoo for an ESL field trip. I am getting familiar with all the new faces again, and that’s the best part.” -Kate Harding, AmeriCorps VISTA Member 


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