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Field Report: CPS Social Media

“Okay, well it is carnival time. So needless to say, this month has been pretty crazy. Oh, and did I mention, the Saints won the Super Bowl? Well, they did! Last night was the official Saints parade. Luckily, I was in close enough walking distance to catch the parade near the Superdome where it started. It was wonderful to see all the Saints fans join the players to celebrate their accomplishment. I have also enjoyed witnessing first hand all of the festivities of Mardi Gras. The parades, the king cake, the music all have given me a better appreciation of the culture of New Orleans. This, in turn, has given me a better sense of my purpose here as a VISTA serving in New Orleans which has directly impacted my work in a positive direction.

Earlier this month, I attended a professional networking event with a local community organization. At this event, I was able to meet with professionals in the IT industry. Although, I felt like I wasn’t quite on the same level as some of the individuals, at least in regards to professional experience. I enjoyed talking “shop” with them and learning more about their work and what brought them to New Orleans. I am eager for our next meeting in March. I have also been scheduling more one-on-one consultations with Tulane’s partner organizations. These consultations have been going well. It is nice to get out a learn more about our partner organizations on an individual basis and then proving them with insight on how to help realize their mission, in terms of online marketing and social media. In doing so, I am able to sharpen my skills in addition to improving knowledge on systems and concepts I am not as familiar with.

I have also been signing up to participate in more interactive webinars. The next upcoming webinar I plan on attending is titled, “Greening Your Nonprofits IT,” presented by NTen. I am really excited for this one. I think the topic is interesting and hopefully I can teach what I learn to the rest of the VISTA group and partner organizations. Overall, I am realizing time and again that this is all a learning process.” -Dominica Garza, AmeriCorps VISTA Member

To learn more about Dominica Garza and her work in New Orleans, email her at: mediavista@tulane.edu


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