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Field Report: Hispanic Apostolate, ESL Services

“In July I started with the Hispanic Apostolate ESL as a volunteer coordinator, and community liaison with Tulane University’s Center for Public Service. It has been a whirlwind of experiences- and I have enjoyed being a part of it. I have had a variety of tasks – working with over 70 volunteers, helping to register around 600 ESL students- and learning the tools and techniques necessary that help make the program run successfully. In the beginning of last semester I helped to organize and run a tutoring program for our ESL students, and was excited to see the program in action. I even decided to volunteer with the program on a weekly basis, and have learned a lot about teaching ESL- and even things I didn’t previously know about my native language! On a daily basis I work at our main administrative office, learning about how the program from behind the scenes.

Most recently I have been in the process of recruiting volunteers for all of our instructors, tutors and TA positions for the upcoming semester. This past Saturday we held a training for all new instructors, and on the 23rd we will train all new TAs and Tutors- which we expect  to have around 50 Tulane, Loyola and community volunteers.  The other exciting thing taking place in January is our student registration, to be held at all of our sites.  January, like September, is a very busy time around the HACS ESL office- a time for answering phone calls from new students inquiring about our program, setting up placements for volunteers, and shuffling around to all of our sites to make sure all is prepared for the start of the new semester. With the experience of the Fall semester under my belt, I expect and hope that the start of the new semester will go smoothly.” -Kate Harding, AmeriCorps VISTA Member 


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