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Field Report: Mondo Bizarro

“This month MondoBizarro is going take 8 to 9 Tulane Service Learning students to help us with our digital story telling projects.
We will be meeting on Wednsday to have an introduction with the class and other two organizations that might be partnering up with the students as well.
This is being coordinated by Adam Beebe, Senior Program Coordinator
Tulane University Center for Public Services.
The Professors name is Thomas Adams “Urban Histories/Crisis”.
We’ve also started editing 2 more I-Witness Central City stories to add to the pot.
We will be in NY from the 8th through the 15th performing the Loup Garou for APAP’s.
We are also creating a schedule to begin the creative development process of the Race Peace.” – Melisa Cardona, AmeriCorps VISTA Member



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