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Field Report: Green Light New Orleans

“Well, the past month seemed to fly by! I spent a lot of my time at Green Light getting acquainted with the workings of CPS and finalizing plans for the Spring semester. With the help of many of the staff members of CPS, I think I finally have an firm understanding of who does what, who I need to talk to for various concerns, and how the staff members are a great means of advertising service learning opportunities in addition to CPSIS. The many hours of digging and networking has paid off. Green Light’s first experience with a service learning course is set to begin in just a few days, and we will also have the pleasure of working with both an intern and an independent study student who will be presenting a comprehensive business plan at the semester’s end! I know this kind of student involvement is the norm for most organizations, but it’s Green Light’s first experience of this kind, and we are immensely excited!I have also been working with the university’s department of environmental affairs in an effort to ensure the presence of compact fluorescent light bulbs on campus and to work toward Tulane’s carbon off-set goals by implementing a program through the study abroad department. I am also trying to get all of the bulbs in Deming Pavilion changed to energy-efficient bulbs, so hopefully all of you that are residents will see that in the future. I have also been busy trying to expand these same initiatives to other universities. Green Light was a little late in the game for any significant involvement to occur by the Spring semester at other campuses, but we are initializing projects for the coming semesters.

While I have been working to expand our involvement with universities, the other Green Light staff members have been busy working on our various bulb distribution options. We are constantly installing the free bulbs to anyone who applies, but have expanded the options and bulb availability in order to sustain the financial end of the organization; we are continuing to achieve great success through our BuyGreenGiveGreen program, we are working with rebuilding-oriented community organizations that have the funding to extend us the opportunity to install in their homes, and we are now able to install bulbs- of all kinds, even those not yet available to the public- in small business through our partnership with Entergy. All in all, there are a lot of exciting new things happening for Green Light, and I look forward to continuing to be a part of the organizations expansion!” -Lindsey Roper, AmeriCorps VISTA Member


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