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Field Report: Hollygrove Market & Farm

“Life here at Hollygrove Market & Farm can be difficult, fun, frustrating, and inspiring….all in one day. I remember starting at my position thinking that every thing would be cut and dry. I would come in evaluate the situation, offer up my opinions on how to change the problems at hand and get to work…WRONG! What I lacked before (and understand now) is the importance of building up my credibility in my organization before putting forth my ideas. Luckily I was able to learn this lesson no more than a month and half into my term, allowing me to adjust my strategy as needed to become a more productive and trusted member of my organization which, in turn, allows me to go after the problems I wanted to address from day one.Now, in my 8th month at Hollygrove Market & Farm, I have more responsibilities than I could have dreamed. I deal with everything from creating and managing our website to expanding our produce sales into new markets. This may seem like a wide range of activities to be working on, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The reality of small non-profits such as Hollygrove Market & Farm is that everyone has to take on multiple responsibilities, that there is always more work than time. Though this may seem like a lot to handle, nothing is more satisfying than knowing your ideas and hard work were essential to the success of the organization.” -Bill Pastellak, AmeriCorps VISTA Member


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