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Field Report: New Orleans Outreach

“The purpose of the drum is multifold.  I like to use it to drum away my troubles, beat the frustration until there is nothing left but rich sound.  I’ve learned through Outreach that the power of a drum circle is unity – the meaning behind the circle.  One person may lead – and we all follow.  We may all just play in unison.  Or, when it works really well – we each add a new and different sound – making the air sweet. 

That is why I understand that it is a blessing working with New Orleans Outreach.  It’s been about 6 months now and I can honestly say that I enjoy being a Volunteer Supervisor at Outreach.  I love the location of my office – in the heart of the education movement.  I love the genuineness of my supervisors.  I love community volunteers who treat their tutoring like a fun job.  I love hearing about a service-learner’s perspective changing experience in a classroom.  I love how a bad day can be erased by the small arms of a child who just needs you to know that they love you. Despite recurring frustrations: what I am doing here, why am I broke – how do I “create sustainability” or the better question – what does that even mean?   There is always room for error.  And with that error usually comes a lesson learned and effective results.  And yes, we bang on drums when we need a break.  But if that’s the method that leads to happy kids and me understanding why I’m here then brump-a-pom-pa!

Perhaps next month I’ll have more substance than just those rainbows and butterflies above – but that’s how I feel right now.” – Victoria (Tori) Wilson, AmeriCorps VISTA Member

For more information about New Orleans Outreach, visit their website at: www.nooutreach.org


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