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Field Report: New Orleans Food & Farm Network

“November was a busy month for New Orleans Food & Farm Network. The first part of the month was spent preparing information and writing the USDA Community Food Projects Grant.   We received this grant in the past, and it is a large multiyear grant that can provide a lot of funding for the organization.   It was a hectic time around the office with everyone trying to meet their deadlines, and everyone getting their portions of the grant prepared so it could be submitted ahead of the due date. 

New Orleans Food & Farm Network offers free seeds at our office for those who are interested in starting a garden.  Our supply of seeds has been getting low as the year comes to an end, but America the Beautiful and Parkway Partners recently donated more seeds to us.  There are more than 20 boxes of vegetable, flower and herb seeds that need to be gone through an organized. ARC of New Orleans has volunteered a day helping to organize the seeds, and starting the first of the year will hopefully be able to volunteer some of their time on a weekly basis.

I was able to take part in a garden build at Schwartz Academy in Algiers which was a great time. We spent a day installing 3 raised garden beds at the school with a handful of students.  The garden is going to be used as an educational tool at the school, and it will also provide fresh vegetables and flowers to the students.  I was also able to take part in the planting of citrus trees in Algiers and the Hollygrove neighborhood. It was interesting driving around the neighborhoods and seeing mature citrus trees, and what the young trees being planted would hopefully soon look like.

As the year comes to an end, a lot is being done around the office to wrap the year up to prepare for the New Year. We recently finished all of our garden builds for the fall, and we are getting ready to start in January with installing a lot more gardens before spring.   The end of the year inventory has been taken, and the New Orleans Food & Farm Network is getting ready to get our tools in line to be more efficient.” -Brendan Connery, AmeriCorps VISTA Member


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