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Field Report: Youth Rebuilding New Orleans

Dolla dolla bill$, y’all. The big news of the month is that YRNO raised upwards of $14,000 on GiveNOLA Day, thanks at least in part to my “dime a day” … Continue reading

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Field Report: Tulane City Center

For the past few months we have been in a Strategic Planning process, with long, productive meetings each week with our staff and consultants.  It has been an interesting process to … Continue reading

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Field Report-Eden House

On April 19th, the Eden House community celebrated our first graduate, Christina!! I was in charge of planning the graduation and I must say, I am very proud how it … Continue reading

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StayLocal’s New Source NOLA Initiative Encourages Businesses To Source Locally

StayLocal is kicking off Source NOLA, a summer-long initiative that encourages businesses to switch to a local service provider in some area of their business. Through Source NOLA, StayLocal aims … Continue reading

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Opportunity Cost Is An Opportunity Lost

“Opportunity cost is an opportunity lost.” I’m sure everyone can remember this mantra from high school economics class. It’s a classic saying that reminds you to think of the hidden … Continue reading

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The Taboo of Meeting Strangers – Alexandra Ehrhardt

With all of my gratitude resounding ever so greatly, I moved away from writing down my grateful things every day and feeling it. I remind myself of the things worth … Continue reading

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Lightswitches and Mulligans

In our restorative trainings we often say that becoming a more restorative person isn’t something someone can suddenly turn on; it’s a process.  There’s no magic lightswitch we could flip … Continue reading

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Are you Ready?

April has been the busiest month yet. Serving at an intermediary organization means doing behind the scenes work. Much of my time is spent in front of a computer or … Continue reading

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April Field Report: Orleans Public Education Network

This month was my favorite so far this year for several reasons. One, the parents in our PLTI program have graduated in a beautiful ceremony that my writing can’t bring justice … Continue reading

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April Field Report: CBNO

This past month has been full of hard work. The playground build at Dolores T. Aaron went really well, and I appreciate so many of the VISTAs helping out. John Coyle and … Continue reading

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