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Fighting Poverty with Passion


2020 hasn’t turned out exactly how I thought it would, which I feel like can be generalized to most of the world at this point. Had Future Haley appeared to … Continue reading

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opening a dialogue

Part of my responsibilities at as program coordinator at Brinton is to manage interns. We have full team weekly meeting where we go over professional development topics. I have decided … Continue reading

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Health and economic outcomes – are the connected? (yes, they are.)

As someone who wants to go into medicine and work on dismantling health disparities in our community, I jump at the opportunity to help anyone at Covenant House with health-related … Continue reading

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Homegoing: Make This Your 2021 Reading Pick

There’s nothing like finding a book that you can’t put down, speaks to your soul, and makes you see the world anew. This sums up how I feel about Yaa … Continue reading

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burn out

I am reaching the halfway mark of my placement at the Brinton Family Health and Healing center and I am starting to feel it. I feel burned out and tired. … Continue reading

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On Monotony

When I was younger, I dreaded the idea of working a 9 to 5 in an office with dull walls and even duller tasks. I feared losing my youth, my … Continue reading

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Suddenly I’m a Photographer

I was recently tasked with taking product photos for the Arc GNO bead website and boy did I show out. That’s right y’all. Hire me and my iPhone X for … Continue reading

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Can We Stop Talking about COVID Now?

… No, no we may not stop talking about COVID-19. Or so it seems to me, as a COVID glow covers everything that I do as a Volunteer Coordinator. As … Continue reading

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Racial Disparities in Healthcare

This month is Black History month and usually around this time we hear of the same few watered down stories of Rosa Parks and MLK Jr. My Jefferson Parish Public … Continue reading

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Little Changes Matter

The title of this blog is an actual quote my director told me as I was leaving work the other day. My January had started rough, as I’m sure many … Continue reading

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Halfway Point!

Cliché as it may sound, I am shocked that I am over halfway done with my AmeriCorps VISTA year. So much has been smashed into this period that it is … Continue reading

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