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Fighting Poverty with Passion

Field Report 7: Operation Spark

Things are moving along as usual at Operation Spark. We started a new Prep session on March 15. We had about 35 students enrolled but less than 15 moved onto … Continue reading

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Gardens to Pitches: The Path of an ESO

In the months since I last wrote in November, Fund 17 has had many Kodak moments. The first annual Fund 17 Fall Market and Mixer fundraiser in November was a … Continue reading

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Field Report 6: Education Research

As a VISTA member working for an education based nonprofit, I continue to find myself reflecting on the intricacies of the education system here in New Orleans. My last post … Continue reading

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Trash – use less plastic

I am trying to use as little plastic as possible. This includes packaging from food and everything else I own. Obviously I’m not just going to throw out everything I … Continue reading

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Miss Ellie Kutschera the Philanthropist

What is Philanthropy?  Webster’s state, it is goodwill to fellow members of the human race; especially an active effort to promote human welfare. How old do you have to be … Continue reading

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How to win the office bracket pool!

March Madness is upon us, although this guide is kind of late to bracket picking hopefully it will be a guide for 2019. Step 1: Work in an office where … Continue reading

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Forever Friends

Last month, I was privileged to be able to go back and spend a week in Atlantic City. It had been 27 years since I had seen my friends. We … Continue reading

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Field Report 6: Operation Spark- Amaya Hampton

There was a big change at Operation Spark in February. My supervisor moved to North Carolina and a new person was hired a couple of weeks later. While I enjoyed … Continue reading

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Field Report 5: The Education Race in New Orleans

During my time at Tulane University, I spent a fair amount of hours studying education policy as well as education as a social construct. I attempted to understand the complicated … Continue reading

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A Shepherd Ambassador, I Am

“Wherever you go, build a community around you” – A Friend Of Mine In 2015, I was a participant in the Shepherd Internship Program. The Shepherd Internship Program allows students to learn … Continue reading

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