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Fighting Poverty with Passion


2020 hasn’t turned out exactly how I thought it would, which I feel like can be generalized to most of the world at this point. Had Future Haley appeared to … Continue reading

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7 and 2 Blogs: Seven Experiences via The First 72+/Two Pieces of Wisdom

Finally submitting my first blog surrounding my time here at The First 72+ that began four months ago! I knooooow, long time. I get it!  Allow me to introduce you … Continue reading

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The show must go on…

These past months have been interesting so far. I feel more comfortable working at DepaulUSA. That anxiety that you have when you start working at a new place has went … Continue reading

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Your Fast Fashion Should Not Be Your Local Nonprofit’s Problem

*Disclaimer: There have been activists for years speaking out against fast fashion, in addition to other environmentalists that have been doing other amazing, much-needed work related to the issues touched … Continue reading

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opening a dialogue

Part of my responsibilities at as program coordinator at Brinton is to manage interns. We have full team weekly meeting where we go over professional development topics. I have decided … Continue reading

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Health and economic outcomes – are the connected? (yes, they are.)

As someone who wants to go into medicine and work on dismantling health disparities in our community, I jump at the opportunity to help anyone at Covenant House with health-related … Continue reading

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Homegoing: Make This Your 2021 Reading Pick

There’s nothing like finding a book that you can’t put down, speaks to your soul, and makes you see the world anew. This sums up how I feel about Yaa … Continue reading

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burn out

I am reaching the halfway mark of my placement at the Brinton Family Health and Healing center and I am starting to feel it. I feel burned out and tired. … Continue reading

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On Monotony

When I was younger, I dreaded the idea of working a 9 to 5 in an office with dull walls and even duller tasks. I feared losing my youth, my … Continue reading

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Suddenly I’m a Photographer

I was recently tasked with taking product photos for the Arc GNO bead website and boy did I show out. That’s right y’all. Hire me and my iPhone X for … Continue reading

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Can We Stop Talking about COVID Now?

… No, no we may not stop talking about COVID-19. Or so it seems to me, as a COVID glow covers everything that I do as a Volunteer Coordinator. As … Continue reading

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